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You need to share URLs in your daily life for multiple reasons. However, in the fast-paced digital age, sharing lengthy URLs can be quite unmanageable. But, the internet, luckily, have some simple tools that allow shortening the URL for easy and fast sharing. Yes, we are talking about URL Shorteners. A URL Shortener is a tool that alters long web addresses into shorter links for easier sharing and improved user experience. URL Shorteners are nifty tools offering a simple solution for our day-to-day usage. Shortening a URL allows users to streamline their online communication like never before.

However, since the internet is full of multiple URL Shorteners, choosing the ones that can be termed as “Best” is a daunting task. But with experience and through research, we are here presenting the 5 Best URL Shorteners of 2023. These tools will surely make your URL-sharing experience easier than ever before. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer, a social media enthusiast, or simply someone who values efficient sharing, use these tools and enjoy the benefits.

5 Best URL Shorteners 2023


Offering services since 2008, Bitly is a popular URL-shortening service/ tool. Overall, the best URL Shortener, Bitly, shortens 600 million links every Month, whether for email, SMS, social networking, or other purposes. Bitly makes converting long, lengthy web addresses into shorter URLs an easy and quick job. This helps with getting more manageable links for sharing on different online platforms. Bitly isn’t just a URL shortener, but it also offers link tracking and analytics.

Using this tool allows users to gain insights into the performance of their shortened links. Bitly and its services are known across the world, and perhaps it is very popular among all URL-shortening tools. It gained popularity not only for its performance but also for its user-friendly interface and advanced features. The add-in features like link customization allows users to create branded short domains. Due to its usability and ease of use, Bitly has been widely adopted by businesses, marketers, and individuals. Its reliability and efficiency in link management are truly unmatchable. Not only that but Bitly even allows the generation of QR codes. Bitly offers both free and paid plans. The Free version comes with limited features, including ten links with QR Codes per Month, Link-in-bio (Newly added), and Custom back-halves.

In contrast, the Paid Packages include Starter @ $8/ Month, Basic @ $29/Month, and $199/ Month. The paid version of Bitly comes with a range of additional features and increased link-tracking capabilities and is suitable for businesses and professionals.

Another very reliable and user-friendly URL shortener is This tool is meant to ease the process of sharing lengthy web addresses. has an intuitive interface as well as efficient features that make it popular amongst a larger user base across the world. One of its key highlights is ease of use. The process of creating shortened links with is a breeze, and it requires only a few clicks to generate a compact URL. Once the short and crisp URL is ready, users can share it across various platforms, including social media, emails, and messaging apps. has gained popularity and has become one of the number-one choices for its Customization. This tool allows users to personalize their shortened URLs so that they appear more brand-friendly and memorable. The personalization/customization feature is particularly valuable for businesses and marketers, especially the ones who want to enhance their online presence while maintaining a consistent brand image. also offers detailed analytics and hence provides users some valuable insights into the performance of their shortened links. This URL-shortening tool keeps track of the number of clicks, geographic location of users, and referral sources. Not only that but Tiny. cc allows users to create custom short domains so that they can give a professional touch to their URL, adding to their credibility.

Lastly, in terms of security, this tool employs different measures to protect its users. scans URLs for potential threats ensuring users share links without worrying about any malicious and inappropriate content. Its Free version is limited to 500 URLs. However, users can choose Tiny’s paid plans, including Basic @ $5/ Month, Business @ $25/ Month, Pro @ $44/ Month, and for the Enterprise version (large-scale URL shortening), individuals can directly contact for quotes.


In the list of Best URL Shorteners 2023, the next is Sniply. This powerful online marketing tool enhances the visibility and engagement of a brand. Sniply is also popular for its unique approach to link sharing. Individuals and businesses can shorten lengthy web URLs and effectively drive traffic to their own websites or landing pages. This incredible tool lets users attach a customized call-to-action (CTA) to every link they share. Using Sniply is a straightforward process.

Simply create a Sniply account and add desired CTA.  NOTE: The CTA can be anything from service to encouraging newsletter sign-ups and promoting a product. Once the CTA is set, users can input any URL into Sniply’s platform and generate a shortened link with their custom CTA overlay. Beyond shortening URLs and adding CTAs, Sniply also offers in-depth analytics. This helps in tracking the performance of each shared link. Sniply also allows its users to keep a check on clicks, conversions, and engagement to gain valuable insights. It also allows seamless integration with many popular social media platforms. By strategically sharing content from trusted sources while incorporating their CTAs, users can maximize lead generation and conversions.

Sniply is a dynamic tool that empowers businesses and comes in both Free and Paid versions. Its Paid subscription includes different plans: Basic @ $ 9/ Month, Pro @ $29/ Month, Business @ $59/ Month, and ENTERPRISE, available with Custom Pricing.


A powerful and versatile URL shortener and QR code generator, BL.INK is another on our list. This online tool simplifies link sharing and tracking like never before. BL.INK features a user-friendly interface allowing its users to convert long web URLs into manageable and shorter links. By shortening URLs, BL.INK not only saves space but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of messages. One of its standout features is its link-tracking capabilities.

BL.INK offers real-time analytics and thus allows its users to keep a check on their link performance, click-through rates, and geographical data (audience). With all these conveniences, BL.INK enables businesses and marketers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their marketing strategies.  Since BL.INK is a QR code generator as well, users can effortlessly create custom QR codes from their shortened URLs. It helps with seamless offline-to-online engagement. QR codes are a convenient option to access online content with a simple scan from business cards, flyers, posters, or product packaging. Not only that but BL.INK also offers link customization, enabling users to personalize their shortened URLs with branded domain names.

Furthermore, security being its biggest priority, BL.INK ensures that all links are protected and secure. The data and link performance metrics are kept confidential and well-guarded. BL.INK offers a range of Paid subscriptions covering a large user base. Each of its plans comes with a 21-day free trial that allows exploring every feature and option. The paid plans include Expert+ @ $48/ Month, SMB @ $99/ Month, Team @ $299/ Month, Business @ $599/Month, and Enterprise, available with Custom Pricing.


Last on our list of Best URL Shorteners is TinyURL. This prominent URL-shortening service has completely changed the way we share links on the internet. TinyURL allows its users to simply shorten the URL before sharing them across different platforms. It was founded in 2002 by Kevin Gilbertson and has been in use since then. The primary function of TinyURL is to shorten those long and lengthy web addresses into compact, abbreviated links. It effectively reduces the number of characters in a URL while retaining the original destination. It is a valuable tool, especially for platforms where character limits are often a constraint.

What sets TinyURL apart from other such tools is its user-friendly interface. The process of shortening a URL is straightforward and hassle-free. All you need to do is, paste the long link in the given field and then let TinyURL generates the shortened version within seconds. Not only that, but this tool also allows its users to create custom aliases for their shortened links. But, custom aliases are subject to availability and can only be used once. In addition to its primary shortening service, TinyURL also provides link management features. Users can register for a free account to keep track of their shortened links, view click statistics, and manage their URL portfolios efficiently.

TinyURL comes with both Free and Paid versions, whereas the free version comes with certain limitations. The Paid versions of TinyURL include Pro @ $9.99/ Month and Bulk 100K @ $ 99.9/Month.

Wrapping up…

These were the Top 5 Best URL Shorteners that will make URL sharing easy and hassle-free. We hope the detailed description above will help you in making an informed choice.

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