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With Elon Musk assuming the reins, Twitter’s once-explosive journey took an unanticipated turn in the ever-evolving social media landscape. His audacious policy changes and ingenious approach shook the Twitterverse to its bottom line. The step sparked both intense dissent and genuine support among the users. Amid this turmoil, Mark Zuckerberg magnificently seized the moment to make his move.

His app, “Threads,” entered the social media game to embrace the opportunity by capitalizing on the discontent. This way, one tech mogul’s revolution gave rise to another’s gamble resulting in the birth of the fascinating Threads app. Let’s dive in to unveil all about the Threads app in detail. We will go through all its exciting features, its working, pros and cons, and we will also provide fixes for the issues with the app. Whether you are an Android user or use iOS, we have covered you.

Threads App Launch Date

The American social media platform ‘Threads’ is owned and managed by Meta Platforms. Internally known as “Project 92”, the app’s development started in January 2023, soon after Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition in October 2022. The official launching of the platform took place on July 5, 2023, with a mission to reshape how people interact online. The innovative app stirred up heated controversies in the world of tech from its very inception. It aimed to give direct competition to the established giant Twitter.

In a surprising turn of events, Elon Musk even announced to take legal action against Threads for infringing the intellectual property of Twitter. Despite the legal threats and initial hurdles, Threads won over users and created an excitement wave in the digital realm. With its commitment to user-centric design and privacy, Threads quickly captured the attention of celebs, influencers, and thought leaders. Free from the clutter and noise of traditional social media, the app introduced a novel approach to conversations.

Features of Threads

Being developed by Meta Threads is a hybrid between Twitter and Instagram. The app has gained more than 100 million users since its launch because of the fantastic features it offers. Let’s discuss some of its features in detail.

1. Mute profiles

When you Mute someone’s profile on Threads, all of their posts get hidden from you. As a result, your browsing becomes simplified. This feature helps keep you away from those Threads users you don’t want to hear from. The best part is that the muted users won’t come to know that you muted them.

2. Take a Break

Threads introduced the thoughtful “Take a Break” feature recognizing the need for occasional disconnection. The feature can be activated from the account settings, where users can schedule a reminder per their time duration preference.

3. Quote

This feature lets the users quote thread posts with their comments. To use this feature, you can tap on the ‘Share’ icon and then click on ‘Quote.’

4. Hidden Words

The hidden words feature is another helpful content blocker on Threads that lets you easily hide offensive replies on the app. If you want to hide replies that contain particular words or phrases, you can head to the Privacy page and tap the Hidden Words option. The page’s bottom will let you enter the words you don’t wish to see.

5. New Thread Shortcut

Threads allow its users to create posts called “threads.” It also lets you create long posts by tapping “Add to a thread,” which tags secondary posts to a former post. Alternatively, users can press enter three times on the keyboard to trigger a new thread. Next, connect it to the previous post, enabling the creation of long-form posts. The feature being convenience becomes intuitive with muscle memory.

6. Quick follow

If you are setting up your Threads app for the first time, this feature can save you a lot of time. The Quick Follow feature lets you track any Thread user without diving into their profile. The least you need to do to follow them is tap the ‘+’ icon next to their user handle. Some of these features are common to Instagram also, but that doesn’t make them less valuable.

Why Do We Like It?

Threads app received massive appreciation from users because of its several useful features. Let’s discuss what made people like the app.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

If you are a business owner, then Threads can be an ideal platform for you as it places a strong emphasis on privacy. Its customizable privacy settings let users handle confidential or sensitive information safely. Since Threads let you ensure that only selected individuals have access to the conversations or updates, it can safeguard your business from any potential threats.

Media Carousels

Threads’ best feature is its display of posts with multiple media items. When you upload a group of photos and videos, they form a swipeable horizontal carousel without expanding the post. You can share up to 10 images or videos, making it simple to tell a story or share a moment beyond just text.

A Lightweight app

Compared to Instagram, Threads is a compact and energy-efficient app. It occupies less storage and consumes fewer resources than your phone, making it an excellent choice for a social media platform that won’t bog down your device’s performance.

Focused Notifications

With Threads, users receive notifications only for essential events like messages or post comments, ensuring they are not bombarded with unnecessary alerts. This streamlined approach helps them stay focused on what truly matters—the people and content that are most relevant to them. This way, Threads is an excellent app for individuals seeking a more personal and intimate connection with their closest friends.

Drawbacks of Threads

Every new app comes with some drawbacks. Let’s see what drawbacks users have encountered with the app so far.

Not Easy to Delete

After downloading Threads, there is no option to delete your account separately. While you can deactivate your Threads account anytime, it requires deleting your Instagram account. Also, you can only use one account at a time, and switching accounts is impossible without logging out completely.

Limited audience insights and performance data

Threads provide information on likes, replies, and follows, but it lacks crucial metrics like impressions and engagement rate. As a result, measuring success and ROI on the platform becomes challenging. Furthermore, there are no data-backed insights on average audience demographics and platform use cases.

No Editing option

Once you’ve posted a thread on Meta, editing is not allowed. If you need to make corrections, delete the post and repost it with the necessary changes. Editing the original thread after posting is not an option. These drawbacks have arisen probably because Threads’ launch was rushed, likely in an attempt to capitalize on the fast-paced Twitter environment.

How Do Threads Work?

Threads is a messaging app developed by Instagram that allows its users to have more focused conversations with their close friends. The app’s feed combines posts from people you follow with recommended content from new creators, offering a curated and diverse experience for users. Once you have downloaded the app, you must set up your account. If you’re logged into your Instagram account on the same phone, Threads will use your Instagram credentials to log you in automatically. To create a post on Threads, tap the “Draft” icon at the bottom center and start typing. Threads allow you to compose posts with up to 500 characters and include images and videos to enhance your message. When interacting with a Thread, you have three options: liking a post by clicking the heart icon, posting a relevant comment, or reporting the content by clicking the double arrow icon available below the post. Besides, you can use the share button to share a thread on your Instagram account.

Threads vs Twitter: What is The Difference?

Threads and regular tweets serve the purpose of expression and communication, but they differ in characteristics and use cases. Let’s see some of the significant differences between the two apps.

Length and Structure

The main distinction between Threads and Tweets is their structure and length. Twitter has a character limit of 280 characters per tweet, promoting concise messaging. Threads, on the other hand, connect multiple tweets to surpass this limit, enabling users to share longer and more elaborate stories or thoughts.

Sign up requirements

Twitter is a self-contained social media platform; you don’t need an account on any other site to use it. On the other hand, to sign up for Threads, you must have an existing Instagram account. Once you have an Instagram account, you can download the Threads app on iOS or Android and proceed with the setup.

Information Organization

Twitter’s short-form content is real-time and chronological. In contrast, Threads connect related tweets for a cohesive narrative flow, making it easier for readers to follow.

Ad Policies

The innovative Meta-made platform Threads delivers an entirely ad-free experience, being a new app in the tech world. Twitter, like most other social media platforms, includes advertisements as a means of financing the service and supporting all its employees. These were some prime differences you would find while using the app. With further updates to both apps, these differences may increase or decrease.

Threads on Android and iOS

You can download the Threads app both on Android and iOS devices in the same way as you install other apps. Apple users can get the app from Apple App Store, while Android users can download it from Play Store. Instagram’s Thread is working fine on Android devices. However, several iPhone users have reported issues when posting images or videos on the app. The primary culprit for this issue is the iOS 17 beta.

The app isn’t designed to handle an unreleased version of iOS, particularly one in its developer beta stage The Threads app experiences a crashing issue on iPhone when attempting to upload an image or video using the clip icon in the New Thread UI on the platform. To avoid it, copy and paste the image on the New Thread Text Box instead of using the built-in image uploader. Unfortunately, you cannot do the same with the videos. However, downgrading to iOS 16 can also help improve your experience with the Threads app.

The Final Verdict

To conclude, Meta’s Threads app is a convenient and effective platform for communication owing to its user-friendly interface and diverse features. Whether social interactions or team collaboration, the Threads app can be a reliable companion, streamlining conversations and enhancing productivity. Embrace the power of threaded messaging with this new app and innovate your way of communication.

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