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Fix: Activation Error Code 0XC004F009 in Windows OS

by HP Vipin

Windows OS is one of the most commonly used operating systems. As with its vast and easy usability, there is more issue as well. One of such issue is what we are going to discuss today. Nowadays, several Windows users reported about the Activation Error Code 0XC004F009. If this error affects on your system, your PC will become slower than before and keep you from using the system properly.

The error 0xc004f009 can occur due to several reasons including, missing security Windows update, grace period expired and some more reason. Anyway, whatever may be the reasons, here in this article, we have compiled few solutions to get rid of the said error. To avoid this issue, follow the fixes given below. Let’s see them in detail.

Fix 1: Update Windows:

The error 0xc004f009 can occur as a result of a missing security update. So, the first resort to resolve this issue is to update your Windows to the latest version. To update your Windows, you can follow these steps,

  • Firstly, press Windows + I to launch the Settings window.
  • In the settings, click on the Update and Security option.check for updates
  • Then in the newly opened window, select Window update and click on Check for update tab.
  • Now the Windows will scan for the latest updates and install them on your computer. It may take some time, so be patient.
  • Once the update process completed, check for the error.

Fix 2: Activate Phone Activation:

As per some suffered users, they resolved the error 0xc004f009 by activating phone activation. In case you have purchased a valid license from a genuine retailer, you must be able to use phone activation to get the Windows version activated. To activate Phone activation, follow these steps, Run

  • Firstly, press Window + R to open the RUN dialog box then type, ‘ms-settings:activation’ and then press on OK. In case you are using an older Windows version, then in the RUN dialog box type, ‘slui’ and press OK. If you can’t find the Phone Activation option inside the Activation window. Again, launch the RUN dialog box and type SLUI 4’ and press OK. If you executed this command, the phone activation menu might appear in the Activation window.
  • Then select the Country and click on Phone Activation. (this process will work on every Windows version).
  • Now go to the Phone Activation window and then call the number given there and use the automated system. (here you need to give your installation ID)
  • The verification will complete soon. Thereafter your Window will be activated.

Fix 3: Increase the Grace period of the MAK key:

At times, the error 0xc004f009 can avoid by increasing the grace period of the MAK key. Follow these steps to increase the grace period of the MAK key,

  • Firstly, press Window + R to launch the RUN dialog box, then type “regedit”. The Registry Editor window will open for you, make sure you open it with administrative access.
  • If the UAC (User Account Control) prompt appears, click Yes.Registry Editor
  • Now inside the Registry Editor, navigate to the following location,


  • Then from the right pane menu, double-click on the mediabootinstall value option.
  • Then edit the menu of mediabootinstall and set the base to Hexadecimal, then change the value to 0. Then click on OK to save the changes.
  • After the changes, exit from the Registry Editor menu and Restart your system.
  • When the system restarts, press Window + R to open the RUN dialog box, then type ‘cmd’ and press OK. Now the Command Prompt window will open for you. Make sure you open with administrative access. If the UAC (User Account Control) prompt appears, click Yes.
  • Inside the Command Prompt window type or copy+paste the following command and then press Enter.

slmgr -rearm

  • Once you are done, again Restart the system and check whether the said error persists or not.

Fix 4: Use Command Prompt to Activate Windows:

If the above fixes didn’t help to solve the error 0xc004f009, then, at last, you can activate Windows using the command prompt utility. To use Command prompt to activate Windows, follow these steps,

To obtain MAK key from IT admin,

  • Firstly, press Window + R to launch the RUN dialog box, then type ‘cmd’ and press OK. The Command Prompt window will open now.
  • In the Command Prompt type, the following command and then press Enter to install the product key otherwise to replace the current one.

Slmgr.vbs –ipk <your mak key>

  • Again, type or copy+paste the following command and then press Enter.

slmgr.vbs –ato

  • Once you executed the above commands, it will activate the Windows after connecting to Microsoft servers.

These are the 4 reliable solutions to get rid of the activation error 0xc004f009. The above-given fixes are tried and tested by experts. You can also use any of the fixes from above and, these solutions as so easy to apply.

However, this is all about error 0xc004f009, all the information related to this error given in this article. After reading this article, have any doubts or queries, please write down the comment in the given command box.

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