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Fix: Dragon’s Dogma 2 Crashing on PC

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Dragon's Dogma 2 crashing

Gamers now have the opportunity to explore the fantasy world of Dragon’s Dogma 2. It is a single-player narrative action-RPG game developed by CAPCOM. Unfortunately, quite a few players recently complained that they faced crashing issue when trying to launch the game and were stuck on the startup page.

If you are suffering from the same issue and looking for a reliable way to get out of the issue, then you are at the right place. Here you will get all the solutions that you can apply to solve the Dragon’s Dogma 2 crashing issue quickly. Then have a look.

Fix 1: Check System Requirement

Before moving on to detailed solutions, let’s check if your system meets the minimum requirements to run the game. If not, you can make the necessary changes to the system configuration and start the gameplay.

Fix 2: Update Driver

If your Graphics driver gets outdated then also you will encounter crashing issue in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Here you can update your driver and start the gameplay without any more issues.

  • Open Device Manager and go to the Display adapter section.
  • Then expand Display adapters and right-click on the Graphics card you use to play the game.
  • From the sub-menu click on the Update driver and begin the gameplay.

Fix 3: Verify Game Files

Another reliable solution you can try is verify the game files and relaunch the game. If any game files get corrupted then you will face crashing issues at the game startup screen.

  • Open Steam and select Dragon’s Dogma 2 from the list of games.
  • Then right-click on the game’s icon and choose Properties.
  • Inside the Properties screen, click on Local Files and click on Verify integrity of game files and launch the game.

Fix 4: Run as Admin

Sometimes launching Dragon’s Dogma 2 as administrator access will help you to escape from crashing issue. To do so,

  • Open the game installation folder and right-click on the DD2.exe file.
  • Then choose the Properties option from the sub-menu and click on the Compatibility tab from the top.
  • Now click on Run this program as an administrator and begin the game.

Fix 5: Launch the Game in DX11

Launching the game in directX11 will help you to resolve the crashing issue in Dragon’s Dogma 2. To do so,

  • Open Steam and right-click on Dragon’s Dogma 2 icon and choose Properties.
  • Then under Launch Options type -dx11 and relaunch the game to the result.

Fix 6: Update Windows

If your Windows OS is outdated then also you will encounter issues in playing the game on your system. Here you need to update your Windows and begin the gameplay smoothly.

  • Open Settings menu and click on the Windows Update option from the top of the settings screen.
  • Then click on the Check for updates button and complete the process and relaunch the game.

Fix 7: Reinstall the Game

If none of the above solutions help you to resolve Dragon’s Dogma 2 crashing or lagging issue then you need to uninstall the currently installed game from the system. After restarting the system, reinstall the game’s latest version and begin the gameplay.

These are the most effective solutions to resolve Dragon’s Dogma 2 crashing issue on your PC. In addition you can disable the antivirus tool and check your internet connection for the smooth performance of the game.

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