With high expectations, the Santa Monica Studio released another big title, God of War Ragnarok, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In this action-packed adventure game, players are tasked with confronting Norse mythological foes along with a variety of hostile creatures in their journey through dangerous and fantastical landscapes. But unfortunately, quite a few players are complaining of crashing or lagging issues with error code CE-108255-1 or CE-34878-0 when trying to run the game.

If you are also in the same boat, don’t worry, you are not alone. In this article, we have gathered a few solutions that would help you to get over God of War Ragnarok Crashing or not launching issues effectively. Then let’s have a look.

Fix 1: Restart your Console

The first solution to resolve the God of War Ragnarok crashing or freezing issue is restarting your console. This basic trick will eliminate most of the minor glitches on your console and help you launch the game without any trouble.

Fix 2: Update the Console

Another solution is to update your console to the latest version. To do so,

In PlayStation 4– Open Console->Settings->click on System Software Update and install the latest update.

In PlayStation 5– Open Console->Settings->System->System Software->System Software Update and Settings and, click on Update System Software and install the latest update. Once done, you can relaunch the game to check whether the issue gets resolved or not.

Fix 3: Update the Game

If you get error code CE-108255-1 or CE-34878-0 in your God of War Ragnarok, then you should update the game. You can install the latest game patch released by the game developer and relaunch the game.

Fix 4: Check Storage

If you don’t have enough disk space to install and run God of War Ragnarok on your PlayStation, you might face stuttering or a black screen issue. Here you need to check and free disk space to install the game. To do so,

  • Open Console->Settings->Storage->go to System Storage (to get more information).
  • If the disk space is full, you can delete unwanted files and see if the issue get resolved.

Fix 5: Clear Cache

Sometimes excess cache might cause God of War Ragnarok freezing or not loading issues. Here you should clear the cache and relaunch the game. 

In PlayStation 4– Switch off and switch on the console to remove the cache quickly. 

In PlayStation 5– Switch off the PlayStation->press and hold the Power button until you hear two beep sounds-> go to Safe Mode->connect the Controller using cable->select Option 5-> Clear Cache and Rebuild Database-> Rebuilt Database option and complete the process. 

Fix 6: Rebuilt Database

In most cases, rebuilding the database will help you to resolve similar issues. To do so, 

In PlayStation 4– Switch off the Console->hold and press the Power button until you hear the two beep sounds->connect your USB-> choose the Rebuild Database option and, complete the process. 

In PlayStation 5– Switch off the Console-> press and hold the Power button until you hear two beep sounds-> go to Safe Mode->connect the Controller using cable->select Option 5-> Clear Cache and Rebuild Database-> Rebuilt Database option and complete the process.

Fix 7: Reinstall the Game

If none of the above solutions helps you, then you should uninstall God of War Ragnarok and restart the console. Once done, reinstall the game and see the issue fixed for you.

These are all about the God of War Ragnarok crashing, lagging, black screen or not loading issues in PS4 and PS5. If you have any concerns related to the information given above, then you can list your doubts in the command box below.