Several users today use their smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot to access Internet connectivity on a laptop and use it on other devices. After the advent of 4G, many users are starting to use smartphone internet connectivity, as it is as efficient as DSL. In this article, we discuss the Internet connectivity issue of “Laptop not connected to mobile hotspot”.

The internet is a necessity in our work today, and if something goes wrong with it, it can be very frustrating. Many users now complain that their Android hotspot does not connect with a Windows laptop. There are many causes for this problem, and there are many solutions. You can find such solutions listed below. Take a look,

Fix 1: Run the Internet connection troubleshooter:

If your “Laptop not Connected to Mobile Hotspot” then you need to run Windows 10 built-in troubleshooter feature. This troubleshooter will scan for any connectivity issue, if found anyone it will resolve it automatically. To run the internet connection troubleshooter, follow these steps,

  • Firstly, press Windows + I to open Settings window.
  • Inside the Settings, select Update and security.
  • Then select Troubleshoot option from the left menu and click on Additional troubleshoot link.
  • Now find Internet connections and click on Run the troubleshooter option.
  • Then wait for a while to complete the scan. Once done, the internet connectivity issue got resolved for now.

If the issue still persists, then the problem with the Wi-Fi driver. Here you need to Update or Reinstall the driver, this will help you to avoid this issue.

Fix 2: Restart your device:

In some cases, a simple resume can help to fix common problems or minor errors. Then you need to make sure that the mobile data you are using is stable and the network coverage is at an acceptable level. The next thing you need to note is that, allows all devices to access your hotspot. If this feature is disabled you need to enable it.

Fix 3: Use an Open network:

As per some suffered users, they resolved the Laptop not Connected to Mobile Hotspot issue, easily by using an open network instead of an encrypted one. You can also try the same here. To use an open network, follow these steps,

  • Firstly, right-click on the Windows button in your desktop, then from the context menu, select Settings. 
  • Then select Network & Internet open from the Settings menu.
  • In the newly opened window select, the Hotspot & tethering option, then click on Set up Wi-Fi hotspot. 
  • Now in the Set up Wi-Fi hotspot prompt, under the Security section, select None from the drop-down option.
  • Finally, click on Save to confirm the changes and try again to connect your laptop with the mobile hotspot. The said issue might be resolved for you now.

Fix 4: Change your Wi-Fi frequency:

Sometimes your laptop is not connected to the mobile hotspot due to incorrect Wi-Fi frequency. Hence, changing the Wi-Fi frequency here will help to solve this problem for you. To change the Wi-Fi frequency , follow these steps,

  • Firstly, press Windows + I altogether to open the Settings app.
  • Then inside the Settings, go to Network & Internet option.
  • There, select Hotspot & tethering option.
  • Inside the Hotspot & tethering menu, select Setup Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Now under the Select AP Band section, set the band 2.4 GHz.
  • Finally, click on the Save button to confirm the change.

Once done, restart your system and check whether the said issue resolved or not.

Fix 5: Reset the android network settings:

This time you can try this android related solution. As a last resort to getting rid of the said issue, you can reset the Android network settings. To reset the Android network settings, follow these steps,

  • Firstly, launch Settings and select the Network & Internet option.
  • Then from the right top corner tap, on the three-dot menu and select Reset Wi-Fi, mobile, & Bluetooth.
  • Further, reconfirm the process and reset network settings.
  • Finally, you need to reconfigure the hotspot with the previously suggested settings.

Once done, connect your internet to your laptop and check for the said error.

After trying all the above-given solutions, the Laptop not Connected to the Mobile Hotspot issue still persists, then you can try some more workarounds. Firstly, ensure your Operating system firmware is up-to-date. Similarly, reset network settings to their default values. Additionally, you can use a trusty third-party tool that helps to transform your device into a hotspot.

Now you are able to deal with the Laptop not Connected to the Mobile Hotspot issue. If you have any queries or doubts after reading this article, leave a comment in the below comment box.