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Fix: Nightingale Crashing or Not Launching on PC

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Nightingale crashing or not launching

After a long wait, the exciting open world survival crafting game Nightingale has been released on all major platforms. The game allows players to build, craft and fight around the visually stunning Gaslamp fantasy world. But contrary to the player’s expectation, they found Nightingale crashing and not launching issues.

If you’ve stumbled upon Nightingale crashing or launching problem before, you’re in the right place. Here in this guide we have listed some solutions that will help you get rid of your issues quickly. Then go through the solutions and resume the gameplay smoothly.

Fix 1: Check Game Server Status

If the game developers start server maintenance to fix reported issues, you may not be able to launch the game or login. According to the official report, the game server maintenance has started to fix issues like running out of GPU memory error on graphic cards, arrow keys and pressing Tab+I altogether that leads to crashing.

Fix 2: Restart the System

Another simple solution you can try is to perform a system restore to fix any minor technical glitches. After the restart you may be able to launch and resume gameplay smoothly.

Fix 3: Update Graphics Driver

Sometimes updating the installed graphics card will help you to launch the game without any hurdles.

  • Open Device Manager, click on Display adapters option, right-click on Graphics card and choose Update driver option.
  • After the update process you can launch the game.

Fix 4: Repair Game Files

If the issues are with the game files, then repairing those files is the best option to fix the Nightingale crashing issue.

  • Open Steam client, right-click on Nightingale icon and choose the Properties option.
  • Then select the Local Files tab and click on Verify integrity of game files and wait until the process completes on its own and launch the game.

Fix 5: Disable Overlays

Sometimes disabling overlay features that you used to improve game performance may help you fix the issues in Nightingale. So you can disable GeForce Experience or Discord and relaunch the game to see if the issues get solved or not.

Fix 6: Lower Graphics Settings

If the game graphics setting is set to high, you will face crashing issues. Here you should lower the in-game graphic settings and launch the game in windowed mode to avoid further gameplay issues. Once done, you can launch the game and enjoy its performance.

Fix 7: Reinstall the Game

If none of the solutions listed above help you, you can uninstall the game and its related files from the system. Once done, restart the system, go to the game official page and install its latest version to start the gameplay smoothly.

These are the quick and effective solutions you can try to resolve Nightingale crashing or not launching issue on PC.

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