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How do you feel when you have a busy day at work and while try to start work, your laptop won’t start? Full of frustrations right!. This problem happens to any users at any time without any warning. In such a situation it is necessary to look for solutions to solve the issue better than despair.

Anyway, you are lucky, in this article, after a detailed study, we have tried to list some solutions to prevent your laptop issue from starting. So let’s go through the solutions  and start working on your laptop without any worries. Have a look.

Solutions to resolve Windows Laptop Not Starting Issue

Then without further ado, let’s take a look at the core causes and solutions to fix Windows laptop won’t start issues.

Fix 1: Check the Power Source

If your laptop won’t turn on and no lights are flashing on the device, you should check the power supply. If your device does not have a power supply, it will not start, so check that the power cable is properly connected to the power socket. Also, check the power cable for any physical damage, if so the system does not boot properly

Another possibility is a battery issue, if the laptop battery is not in working condition, you will no longer be able to start the device. In such cases, check the condition of the battery and if necessary, repair it with the help of a professional.

Fix 2: Check Laptop Monitor

If the laptop is connected to a second monitor then you should disconnect that monitor and use the main monitor to use the device. This time the issue will be solved or you need to adjust the brightness level of the screen.

Fix 3: Remove External Devices

If your laptop is connected to several external devices like printers, USB devices, etc., you should disconnect them temporarily. Once done, restart the laptop and see if the problem is fixed or not. Sometimes external connected devices unnecessarily interfere with the functioning of the system and cause similar issues.

Fix 4: Launch in Safe Mode

Another solution you can try is to launch the laptop in safe mode, which will help the device start with minimal apps and services. If there is any problem with the latest installed apps, it may cause issues like the laptop not starting, crashing or lagging.

The best alternative here is to start the system in safe mode. You need to turn on the laptop three times, each time at the boot screen you should click the power button to turn off the device. At the third time, the Automatic Repair prompt will appear on the screen, then select the Advanced option. Then click on Startup Settings and select Safe Mode.

Fix 5: Disable Fast Boot Feature

The Fast Boot feature in the BIOS helps the laptop boot faster by preloading the necessary drivers. But sometimes it may cause compatibility issues and prevent you from turning on the laptop. So turn off the fast boot option in the BIOS screen and restart the laptop. Go to the BIOS screen and click on the Advanced option, turn off the Fast Boot option and save the changes.

Fix 6: Check Cooling Ventilation

Your laptop should have a cooling ventilation to cool the laptop from overheating. If the ventilation is clogged with dust or other debris, it can cause the laptop to overheat and not start properly. In this case, check and clean the laptop cooling ventilation and restart the laptop.

These are the main solutions you should try to start the laptop if there is any hesitation to turn it on. The solutions listed above are simple and effective, anyone with less technical skills can even apply these tricks on your laptop.

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crypto & nft lover

Johnathan DoeCoin

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar.

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