Wireless N routers are mounted with a lot of issues. Several users are nowadays complaining that while upgrading to Windows 10, they were faced numerous issues. If the Wireless N router catches problems, it will affect the smooth daily work of the users.

Today’s article has gathered some solutions to resolve the Wireless N routers issue in Windows 10. If you are getting any issue related to the Wireless N router, then as a first step, you can disconnect the router or reset it as soon as possible. If this trick didn’t help, then you can move to the sure solutions below. Let’s have a look,

Fix 1: Turn Off or Restart the Router from the Power Socket:

If the wireless N router having limited connectivity, it indicates that the Windows 10 system you are using is connected to the wireless router, but the internet connectivity is not working properly. In this scenario, turning off or resetting the router from the power socket will help you get rid of this error. For doing so, follow the steps given below,

  • Firstly, Restart your system, then check the wireless connection is proper. Similarly, verify you see a limited connectivity exclamation mark or not. 
  • If you see an exclamation mark on the screen, you need to unplug the wireless N router from the power socket.
  • Then wait for 30-50 seconds for the power to drain from the router completely. After that, plug in the router to the power socket.
  • Now again, wait for another 30-50 seconds and connect the wireless router properly. And check the said error persists or not.

Fix 2: Check IPv4 IP Address:

Some suffered users verified the IPv4 address on their Windows 10, which helped them to resolve the Wireless N routers issue on their system. Hence, we also recommend the same. For doing so, follow the steps given below,

  • Firstly, in the desktop search bar, type cmd and launch Command prompt window with administrative access.Command Prompt

Then inside the Command prompt, type or copy+paste the following command and then press Enter.

Ipconfig /all

  • Now you will see a list in which you need to locate and find the IPv4 (IP address).
  • If you can see the IP address there, then it is clear that you can establish a connection with the router.
  • Once the connection is working properly, then you need to update the wireless card driver. Also, you need to check any updates available for your Wireless N router.
  • After that, the Wireless N routers issue in Windows 10 will be resolve for now.

Fix 3: Reset your Wireless N Router:

If the above two fixes failed in your case, then you need to reset the router. For doing so, follow the steps given below,

  • Firstly, power off your router completely.
  • Then you need to press the small button at the back of your router. You can follow your router manual instructions to know more about resetting your router. Otherwise, you can depend on and technically skilled technician. 

Once the reset process gets completed, restart your system, connect your Wireless N router, and check for the said issue.

Now you may able to reuse your Wireless N router again without any connectivity issues. We hope now you are free from the Wireless N routers issue in Windows 10. If you have any queries or doubts after reading this article, leave a comment in the below comment box.