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If you are an avid player of the Forza Motorsport game, you might have faced the frustrating Applying Upgrades error. This error occurs when players try to upgrade their car to the next level and that prevents enjoying the full experience of the game. But don’t worry, we are here to shed light on this issue and give you some workarounds to overcome it.

According to suffering players, it basically hangs when applying upgrades, and the only resort is restarting the game, resulting in the loss of car upgrade levels and cash, along with all progress. However, with this article, you can revive your upgrades and overcome the obstacles that stand in your way.

Reasons for Forza Motorsport “Applying Upgrades” Error

  • Incompatibility issue
  • Corrupted Game Files
  • Game Glitch
  • Incorrect Settings

By understanding these reasons behind the upgrade error, we think you are one step closer to fixing the error.

Fixes for the Forza Motorsport “Applying Upgrades” Error

Before going to any solution you can check the solutions given below as this trick has helped in the case of many players and it might help you.

  • If you finish the race, do not upgrade before going to the next level. Once you are in the next level, exit from there, because you are unable to upgrade your car.
  • Then locate the Main menu and choose Cars and click on Upgrade & Tune.
  • From there choose the car you are using and try to upgrade and see if it fit or not.
  • Otherwise, exit from the menu, go back to Career Mode, choose the Level, select the Car, this time your cars should get updated and you can continue the gameplay.

Note: When affected by the upgrading error, there is a chance that you may lose your game progress when you exit the event or upgrade the car.

Fix 1: Install Latest Game Patch

As the first solution to fix Forza Motorsport “Applying Upgrades” error, you should make sure you have installed the latest game patch to improve performance. If you fail to install the latest patch, install it and launch the game again.

Fix 2: Verify Game Files

Another solution to resolve the same issue is repair and restore game files.

  • Open Steam, click on Library, from the list of games, choose Forza Motorsport and right-click on it.
  • Then choose Properties from the sub-menu and choose Local files from the new screen.
  • Finally, click on Verify integrity of game files and relaunch the game to see the improvements.

Fix 3: Tweak User Account Settings

Sometimes adjusting the Windows User Account Settings will help you resolve Forza Motorsport “Applying Upgrades” error.

  • Inside the Windows Search box, type “lusrmgr.msc” and press Ok button.
  • Then go to the User folder, right-click on the Administrator option and choose its Properties.
  • Next, choose General tab and untick Account is disabled option, click on Apply and Ok button.
  • Follow the above given steps to “DefaultAccount”, save changes and relaunch the game to see the result.

Fix 4: Launch in Windowed Mode

In some cases launching the game in Windowed Mode will help you to resolve similar errors. So, launch Forza Motorsport in Windowed Mode and see the error prompt appearing again on the game screen or not.

These are the top solutions you can try to resolve Forza Motorsport “Applying Upgrades” Error. Anyway, this is a known error, still the game developer has not released the exact fix for the error, we can expect an official fix in the next few days.

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