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Since we live in a time of revolutionary technological advancements, finding someone’s location is not a difficult task. While popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp offer location tracking features, they often require direct access to the target’s phone or their consent. However, if you want to track someone’s location without compromising the covert nature of the operation, use GEOfinder. Join us as we review GEOfinder, an innovative geofencing app. This online tool allows individuals to effectively track their close ones’ whereabouts.

GEOfinder is a unique application that enables tracking the location of their near ones. It does so without the need to install any software on the target individual’s phone. For those who wish to access a target’s device but would prefer to remain anonymous, GEOfinder is the perfect option. The best part about using GEOfinder is that it offers a $1 free trial lasting 48 hours, enabling users to track any desired individual for two days. And once you are satisfied with its performance, you can increase its subscription thereafter. GEOfinder monitors the GPS location of a mobile device, regardless of the type or wireless carrier.

Here’s more about GEOfinder’s features, installation process, setup, etc. As we examine the app, we will also offer some valuable insights into its functionality. By the end of this article, you will be able to determine whether GEOfinder is the right choice for you or not. Here we go.

GEOfinder- An Introduction

GEOfinder is a geofencing app, typically a web-based parental monitoring service. It enables users to track the location of any mobile device by sending seemingly harmless SMS messages. The app will use an anonymous number to deliver the message to the intended target device. Its discreet tracking capabilities offer a convenient solution for monitoring the whereabouts of near and dear ones without actually having access to their device physically. GEOfinder is compatible with Android, iPhone and wireless carriers. It is known for displaying the GPS location of the target device on a map. This versatile geofencing app obtains the latest and most accurate details of the target phone number.

How Does GEOfinder Work?

The GEOfinder app works very conveniently, after a user uploads an image to the platform, the app generates an image with a tracking link that can be sent to the targeted person. When the target person clicks on the image URL, GEOfinder will immediately track their location and send it to you remotely.

You can use GEOfinder to spy on someone without installing any software in two different ways. Firstly, you can use GEOfinder to track someone’s whereabouts secretly using their phone number. Simply upload an image of your choice in the app and enter the phone number of the person you want to track. The GEOFinder app will send the image URL with a tracking link embedded in it along with text that you can modify. But it is important to note that the text is written in such a way as to compel them to click on the link, otherwise you cannot track the person. Once the targeted person clicks on the image link, their location will be recorded and shared it with you remotely on your account

In addition to SMS, you can send an image URL to someone to track someone’s location on GEOfinder. To do that, you must first upload an image to GEOfinder, where it will automatically receive a tracking link. Then the newly generated image URL should then be sent to the target person via social media messaging app or instant messaging services.

GEOfinder Features and Specifications

GEOfinder is a location detection application, and it doesn’t come with a range of features. However, the application has a few useful features and specifications, including:

1. GPS Tracker: GEOfinder’s primary feature is GPS tracking, which utilizes the native GPS system on mobile phones. The GEOfinder app gives you a comprehensive summary of where the target person is. You can see the complete list of all the locations they have been to and the specific location in real-time mode. The location is displayed on the GEOfinder map and can also be viewed on Google Maps. GPS trilateration offers higher accuracy compared to cell tower triangulation, as it relies on satellite data.

2. Wi-Fi Tracker: The Wi-Fi Tracker feature enables users to gather information about the Wi-Fi network of the target device. It offers a list of details, including the network name and the internet service provider of the Wi-Fi network. This feature also allows users to monitor the location of the target device by relying on the information provided by the connected Wi-Fi network. It adds an additional layer of location tracking capability for reliable monitoring.

3. IP Logger: The IP Logger feature offers the city and country information of the target device’s location. Although it doesn’t provide specific IP addresses for security reasons, but can still be valuable for parents and individuals seeking to monitor someone’s whereabouts.

4. VPN Tracker: The VPN Tracker feature monitors the usage of VPNs by the target person. It offers information on whether the person clicked the link while using a VPN. It also indicates if the VPN has a Proxy or Tor active. This feature is relevant when tracking the location of a child or individual who may appear to be in a different country. It also tracks whether they are utilizing a VPN to access geo-locked content or mask their actual location.

5. All mobile phone brands: GEOfinder can track all mobile phones, regardless of their brands. It is compatible with all mobile phone operators.

6. Device Info: The Device Info feature of GEOfinder offers valuable details about the target person’s device and browsing activities. The details may include the time zone of the device, the browser in use, the device utilized, the operating system (OS) running on that device, etc. All of this information helps users gain insights into the target person’s device specifications and preferences. It is a useful feature that helps to understand the online habits of the individual you want to track.

7. Customer Support: GEOfinder offers customer support via live chat to subscribing customers. Prior to that, the potential customers do not have a direct contact option to each GEOfinder’s team. However, live chat support is available 24 hours with prompt and provide helpful responses.

GEOfinder Device Compatibility

Geofinder is compatible with all and any smartphones, including Android and iOS both.

GEOfinder Pricing

GEOfinder app has a single plan that is similar for all devices and operating systems, unlike other spy apps that have various subscriptions. The plan costs $29.99  for full access membership and you can sign up for a 48-hour trial for just $1.

How to Create an account on GEOfinder

• Firstly, go to GEOfinder official webpage, type the phone number you want to track and click on Find button.
• Then you have to wait a few seconds until you see the Location Available message.
• Further, make the payment for your GEOFinder account.
• Once the account is activated, start to track someone’s location by phone number.

GEOfinder Pros and Cons

Lists of Pros:
• GEOfinder is compatible with major smartphone platforms and manufacturers. It can work with any device.
• GEOfinder allows you to track someone’s location without needing physical access to their phone.
• GEOfinder offers a $1 trial period for 48 hours. It allows users to test its features before committing to a subscription.
• GEOfinder offers precise and accurate location-tracking capabilities.
• GEOfinder enables easy synchronization of locations across devices.
• GEOfinder has a user-friendly interface.
• GEOfinder enables access to the target person's location history.
• GEOfinder allows users to uncover their past movements.

Lists of Cons:

• GEOfinder has limited feature availability.
• For many users, GEOfinder price is a bit high

Is GEOfinder Legit? Does It Really Work?

GEOFinder is a legitimate service that works admirably. With so many great reviews and satisfied users, this is not a scam. The software has received excellent ratings on various review websites, yet the site has received quite a few complaints over the years, namely that GEOFinder does not work well.

Does GEOfinder Track The History Of Locations?

Yes, GEOfinder has the capability to track and display the history of locations and current locations. It offers a way to track and analyze location history within the scope of GEOfinder’s tracking capabilities.

Can GEOfinder Track Location Without Phone Number?

No, GEOfinder cannot track someone’s location without their phone number or even consent. This tracking app primarily relies on tracking location through the phone number. You can track someone’s location on GEOfinder just by sending them an image URL. When the target person clicks that link, they allow their location to be tracked. Without the phone number or active participation (it means that somehow the target person has to click on the link), GEOfinder may not be able to track their location effectively.

Is GEOfinder Truly Useful?

GEOfinder is truly useful. However, it depends on your specific needs and requirements. Using GEOfinder can be valuable in many scenarios, especially when keeping track of the movement of your loved ones.

Wrapping up…

Overall, GEOfinder offers convenient location tracking services. It enables users to monitor the whereabouts of individuals through their phone numbers. Its effectiveness and usefulness depend on specific needs and considerations.


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