Google offers Rs 135 crore for Covid-hit India

Search Engine giant on Monday announced funding 135 Crore INR ($18 million USD) to India to combat against the pandemic Covid-19. On the surge of increase in death rate in India, Google made its contribution to help covid patients suffering from low Oxygen level. The fund raised by, Google’s philanthropic arm, to provide medical assistance to patients.
Google collected the fund to help poor families, where the members in the family suffer from Covid. To meet its financial needs they can use this fund. In the second way, an amount of funds goes to UNICEF, to arrange emergency medical equipment to safeguard the life of millions of Covid suffering patients.
More than 900 Google employers contributed in raising the fund to organize and support marginalized communities and give hands in the high-risk time. This funding news was announced by Google CEO; Sunder Pichai through twitter. Ad Grant support for public health information campaigns also comprised this fund.
Last year Google helped MyGov and the World Health Organization in acquainting common peoples, the importance of staying at home, wearing masks and keeping social distance. Google reached millions of people with the information about the importance of Covid vaccine and diminish misinformation.

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