Diablo is an open action-RPG game popular worldwide amongst several gaming enthusiasts. Users can play it on several platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation 3 & 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Presently the 3rd installment in the series ‘ Diablo 3’ is going around the corner, though a few players have some complaints regarding the game.

As per a lot of users, while they try to launch Diablo 3, they end up with Error Code 395000. The error appears with a message stating, “There was a problem loading the game license. Please try again”. There can be several possible reasons behind this error, including ongoing maintenance, software conflict, or network issue. To combat all of them, here is a quick fix guide. Have a look:

FIX 1: Make sure the Blizzard app has finished downloading the Diablo 3 game data

While there are any Blizzard app updates happening in the background, you cannot play games at that time. With effect, you might end up with the Diablo 3 Error code 395000. Here the first solution is to ensure that there is no automatic update is going on in the background. Or the app has finished downloading it.  to confirm it, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, launch the Blizzard Battle.Net app from the desktop or Start menu’s list of applications.
  • Once launched, Click the down arrow after the Blizzard logo (on the upper left corner of the app).
  • From the drop-down, click on Settings and then select Game Install/Update (from the left-pane menu).
  • Now click on the radio button for the option Apply latest updates and download future patch data for recently played games, and then click on Done.
  • Lastly, check whether the Diablo 3 error code 395000 issue is resolved in your case.

FIX 2: Make sure your security program is not blocking the game

Another quick solution is to check and make sure that your security program is not blocking the game. Some over-aggressive security programs at times interfere with the game and end you up with the Diablo 3 error code 395000. Here temporarily disable all the security programs (one by one) and find out the responsible one. Once you find the responsible program, either necessary changes in its settings or replace it with another reliable one.

FIX 3: Check your internet connection to fix Diablo 3 Error Code 395000

As per some suffered users, the Diablo 3 error code 395000 was repeatedly appearing due to their internet connection. Check for the below details.

  • Restart your computer and modem/ router.


  • Ensure your system is running on the latest software update and network driver.


  • Free up resources and resolve software conflicts by closing all the programs in the background.

After these quick workarounds, check for improvement.

If Error Code 395000 is troubling you from playing Diablo 3, make sure you resolve it at the quickest. You can try the three fixes mentioned above and find a suitable for you. All of these fixes have worked for a lot of users, and thus, we hope will work for you as well.

At the end of this article, we hope that all the information mentioned here will prove helpful and relevant for you. If you have any queries or doubts after reading this article, please leave a comment in the below comment box.