Error 4000 on iPhone

How to fix iOS error 4000

Recently, a lot of iPhone users have been repeatedly suffering from ‘Error 4000’. While the users try to download software updates on their mobile phones, they end up receiving the message stating, “The iPhone Could not be Updated. An Unknown Error Occurred (4000)”. Now considering the scenario, we studied keenly and found out several reasons that can trigger the said error.

As per our observation, the ‘Error 4000 on iPhone’ can be triggered if your phone is already updated with the latest software updates or if the iTunes application is outdated. However, in some scenarios, when the iPhone was locked with a passcode while the installation process or the battery level was lower than 50% during the installation process, it might end up the user with the said error. Though not to worry, we have enough solutions to get done with the problem. Have a look down below:

Fixes for “Error 4000 on iPhone”?

FIX 1: Download Updates Directly:

As per some suffered users, the “The iPhone Could not be Updated. An Unknown Error Occurred (4000)” occurred when they try to download updates from iTunes. Though when they tried to download updates directly on mobile phones, the said error didn’t even occur in the first place. For knowing how following the steps given below:

  • On your iPhone, move to Settings then select General option.iphone software update
  • Now touch and select the Software Updates option, and your phone will check if there is a new update available. If it shows any available update, click on Download and Install Now option.
  • Your phone will easily get updated now without receiving any error.

FIX 2: Update iTunes:

As discussed earlier as well, the “Error 4000 on iPhone” can be a reason for outdated iTunes, and here the best solution is to update iTunes to its latest version. To update iTunes, follow these steps,

  • Firstly, navigate to iTunes and then select from the top-right corner select Help.itune
  • Now from the context menu, click on Check for Updates, and iTunes will now automatically check and download the available updates on your mobile phone.

FIX 3: Uninstall MS Store iTunes and install through IPSW:

Another sure solution requires the user to Uninstall MS Store iTunes and install iOS through IPSW. It has worked for a lot of users, and thus we hope it will help in your case as well. To uninstall MS Store, follow these steps,


  • Firstly, press Windows + R, launch the RUN prompt, type appwiz.cpl on the empty text box, and then click on OK. It will launch the Application manager. Here Uninstall iTunes. Make sure you have downloaded iTunes from the Microsoft store beforehand.
  • Now launch iTunes and connect your Apple device.
  • Further press shift-click on update and then try to install it directly using IPSW.

FIX 4: Turn off Auto-lock and Facial Recognition:

As per a few suffered users, while they turned off Auto-lock and Facial Recognition before getting into the software update process, they didn’t end up receiving the “Error 4000 on iPhone”. You can also try the same and check whether it helps or not. Though it is just a simple workaround so make sure you revert back the changes afterward.

FIX 5: Charge your mobile more than 50%:

As discussed above as well, the “Error 4000 on iPhone” might occur when your mobile phone isn’t charged above 50%. If it applies to your situation, we recommend you to charge your iPhone over 50% and check if it resolves the error or not. 

While you follow any of the fixes mentioned in the article above, the “The iPhone Could not be Updated. An Unknown Error Occurred (4000)” issue will get resolved for you in no time. Apple launches frequent iOS updates for ensuring swift navigation and user experience; thus, make sure you install them timely.

At the end of this article, we hope that our readers will find all the information mentioned above as helpful and relevant. If you have any doubts or queries after reading this article, please leave a comment in the below comment box.

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