Recently several users have reported that when they try to install Minecraft Launcher on Xbox App and Microsoft Store, they suddenly encounter an Error Code Error 0x00000001, and sometimes they receive an Error Code 0x80073D26 with a message- “Something Unexpected Happened”. In the opinion of some users, they could not install any games because of the error code 0x00000001.

There are many reasons for these errors, and in this article, we will learn how to deal with them. However, this is not a complicated problem, and you can solve it by following the solutions given below. Let’s have a look,

Fix 1: Update Windows:

To fix the error code 0x00000001 and 0x80073D26, we can start by updating the Windows Operating System. To do so,

  • Firstly, press Window + I altogether to launch the Settings app.
  • Then click on Windows Update and then select the Check for updates button from the right side of the screen.
  • The updating process takes some time depends on the performance of the system.
  • Once done, check for improvement.

Fix 2: Install Xbox Identity Provider and Gaming Services:

While installing Xbox Identity Provider and Gaming services might help you to resolve the Error Code 0x00000001 and 0x80073D26 in no time. To do so,

  • Firstly, go to the Microsoft Xbox Identity Provider page and click on the Get button to download it.
  • If the Open Microsoft Store prompt appears on the screen, click on the Open Microsoft Store button.
  • Then inside the Microsoft Store, click on the Install button under the Xbox Identity Provider.
  • Once done, try again to install the Minecraft Launcher on Xbox.

Fix 3: Uninstall and Reinstall Gaming Services:

Another solution to tackle the Error Code 0x00000001 and 0x80073D26 is reinstalling the game services on your system. To do so,

  • Firstly, type PowerShell in the Search box and open the PowerShell with administrative access.
  • Then inside the PowerShell window, type the following command and press Enter to uninstall gaming services.

Get-AppxPackage *gaming services* -all users | remove-appxpackage -allusers Install Gaming service:

  • Then type or copy then paste the following command and then press Enter to reinstall gaming services,

start ms-windows-store://pdp/?productid=9MWPM2CQNLHN

  • Now you will reach the Microsoft Store, select Gaming Services, and click on the Install button.
  • Once the installation gets completed, try to install the Minecraft Launcher again.

Fix 4: Run Wsreset Command:

If still, you are encountering the Error Code 0x00000001 and 0x80073D26 while trying to install the Minecraft Launcher, you need to run the wereset command to get rid of the same issue. To do so,

  • Firstly, type Wsreset in the Search box and open the relevant search result.
  • Now a black screen will appear before you, don’t close the window.
  • After a few seconds, it will carry you to Microsoft Store; from there, you can install Minecraft Launcher without any issue.

Fix 5: Reset the Date and Time:

If the date, time, and time zone on your system are incorrect, you may not be able to install the Minecraft Launcher, and you may receive an Error Code 0x00000001 and 0x80073D26 on the screen. Here you need to set up or make sure the date and time are accurate on your system. to do so,

  • Firstly, right-click over the Date and Time on your Taskbar.
  • Then select Adjust date and time option.
  • In the newly opened window, select the Set time automatically option, toggle On beside the same.
  • Then set the Time zone using your current location.
  • Now select Time & language from the left pane of the screen and select exact language.
  • Then go back to the previous window and click on the Sync now button under the Additional settings section.
  • Once done, check for improvement in installing Minecraft Launcher.

Fix 6: Reset Xbox App and Microsoft Store:

If you encounter the Error Code 0x00000001 and 0x80073D26 while trying to install Minecraft Launcher on Xbox or Microsoft. Then you need to reset both the Xbox app and MS Store to escape from the same issue. To do so,

  • Firstly, press Windows + I altogether to launch the Settings app.
  • Then inside Settings, click on the Apps option.
  • Now under the Apps & features, scroll down and select Xbox app and click on Advanced options.
  • And click on the Repair and Reset button to refresh the app.
  • Repeat the same process to Repair and Reset Microsoft Store from the app list.
  • Once done, try to install Minecraft Launcher on the Xbox app.

Fix 7: Start all Xbox Services:

If any of the above solutions do not help you, then you need to start all the Xbox services from the Services menu. To do so,

  • Firstly, type Services in the search box and open the relevant search result.
  • Then inside the Services window, select IP Helper service from the list and double-click over it.
  • Now inside the Properties window, select General tab and Startup type as Automatic and Set Service status as Running. Then click on Apply and OK buttons from the bottom of the window to save the changes.
  • Once done, search for all the Xbox services from the list and repeat the same above step to restart the services.
  • Also, select Windows Update service from the list and set Startup type as Automatic and Set Service status as Running.
  • Once done, restart the system and check now you can install Minecraft Launcher or not.

These are all the top 7 solutions to tackle Minecraft Launcher Not Installing Error 0x00000001 or 0x80073D26 On Xbox App/Microsoft Store. However, if you have any queries or doubts after reading this article, then please leave a comment in the below-given comment box.