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How to Fix Orange Screen of Death on Windows 10

by HP Vipin

Lately, several users frequently reporting about the Orange Screen of Death on Windows 10. Like Blue Screen of Death or Black Screen of Death, this OSOD is not a serious one. When your PC encounters severe internal operation issue, it may cause to trigger the Orange Screen of Death.

Users do not need high technical skills to fix OSOD, you can handle it alone with basic system knowledge. The said error can occur for several reasons, including an incompatible driver or RAM malfunction. If you are looking for solutions to avoid this error, you can follow this guide. In this article, we have compiled some definite solutions to avoid this error. Let’s look at them in detail.

Quick Workarounds

1. First of all, Restart your systemand check the Orange Screen of Death issue resolved or not.

2. In case, Duet Display installed in your system, it may lead to cause the Orange Screen of Death issue. So, you need to uninstall it.

3. After that, you need to unplug unnecessary external hardware like webcam, printer, scanner etc.

4. If you overlock the system, you change the clock rate, voltage, and multiplier of the hardware that generates the excess heat. So, remove overclock setting and tools to getting rid of this error.

Fix 1: Update Graphics card:

As we mentioned above, one of the reasons for the Orange Screen of Death error is an outdated or missing driver. So, as a first resort to getting rid of this error, you need to update your Graphics card. To Update your Graphic card, follow these steps,

  • Firstly, in the desktop search bar, type device manager and selectDevice Managerfrom the search list.
  • Then expand the optionDisplay adaptersand, select your graphics card.C:\Users\91989\Pictures\screenshots\2021-06-09 11_46_25-Greenshot.jpg
  • Now right-click on the graphics card and, selectUpdate driverfrom the drop-down menu.
  • Once done, the said issue got resolved now.

You can also manually update your graphics card. If you do not have much patience and time to manually update your graphics card, you can opt for any automatic update tool. This tool will allow you to update your graphics card automatically without any effort. There are several such tools available online, you can select a trusty one among them.

Fix 2: Remove the SoftOSD Software:

As per some suffered users, removing the SoftOSD software from their system helped them to get rid of the said error. So, we also recommend the same here. To remove the SoftOSD software, follow these steps,

  • Firstly. Press the desktopStartbutton and selectSettings.
  • Then inside the Settings window, click onAppsoption.
  • There search and select theSoftOSDoption from the list.
  • Now click onUninstallbutton to remove the software from your system.
  • In case sds64a.sys prompt appeared to remove, skip that process.
  • Once done, restart your system, and check for the said error.

Fix 3: Type in your Bitlocker Password:

This solution is only for dedicated users who are using Bitlocker or any other encryption tool. In case, the Orange Screen of Death appeared, on the bootup screen, there you need to type the Bitlocker password and then press Enter. If you failed to see the type the password option, then your system will receive the input. Hereafter, the login launches the Command prompt. To launch the command prompt, follow the below-given steps,

  • Firstly, press Windows + R to launch RUN dialog box, then inside the text box type, cmd and then press OK.
  • The Command prompt will open for you, make sure you open it with administrative access. Then in the command prompt type, or copy+paste the following command,

BCDEDIT /Set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

  • Once you executed the command, it might turn BitLocker’s pre-boot screen into a character mode display. Now the said error got resolved in your case.

Fix 4: Reset Game Configuration File Settings to Default:

If the Orange Screen of Death error appears on your screen while playing a game on your system, then you need to set your game configuration file settings to default to avoid the said error. Once changed the settings, the said error will no longer disturb you.

Fix 5: Update Intel Graphics Command Center:

As per some suffered users, updating the Intel Graphics Command Center help them to get rid of the Orange Screen of Death. After the update, the error does not resolve, then you need to uninstall the app and download the latest version from this link. Then reinstall it on your system. The said error will get resolved after this procedure.

As you think, Orange Screen of Death is not a serious error to worry about. This can be easily deleted from your system within no time. The above 5 sure solutions will definitely help you in resolving the said error. If you have any queries or doubts after reading this article, leave the comment in the below-given comment box.

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