Red Dead Redemption 2 is an action-adventure game launched in the year 2018. It is the third entry for the series and is available for Xbox One, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Google Stadia users. Red Dead Redemption 2 has millions of active users all over the world, but lately, few of them have been complaining about some issues.

 As per the suffered users, they have been experiencing stuttering and FPS Issues while accessing the Red Dead Redemption 2 game. Today in this article, we are going to discuss about all the possible fixes and solutions that will help you get rid of them. Have a look:

FIX 1: Install all Windows updates

If you are suffering from the Red Dead Redemption 2 stuttering and FPS Issues at first install all Windows updates and check whether it helps or not. To Install Latest Windows update, follow these steps, 

  • Firstly, go to the taskbar search box, type Check for Updates, and launch the relevant search result.check for updates
  • On the newly opened window, click on the Check for Updates tab. Let your system search, download, and install all the available updates. The process can anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or even more. Do not interrupt it in between.
  • After all the updates are successfully installed, restart your computer and check for improvement.

Note: Repeat these steps and keep clicking the Check for Updates tab until and unless it shows You’re up to date.

FIX 2: Update your graphics driver

The next solution that will eventually get you rid of the Red Dead Redemption 2 stuttering and FPS Issues is updating the Graphic Driver. At times, game stuttering can get triggered due to a faulty or outdated graphics driver. Because manufacture’s keep introducing the latest driver updates every now and then, users must make sure to keep themselves updated as well.

For updating the Graphics drivers manually:

  • Firstly, navigate to the manufacture’s website (AMD/ NVIDIA).
  • Now locate the latest installer for your model and then install it step by step.

For updating the Graphics drivers automatically:

If the manual process seems long and tiring to you, go with the automatic method and get done the updating task within no time. You can use any of the driver updating tools for that.

FIX 3: Fine-tune in-game settings

As per a few suffered users, the Red Dead Redemption 2 stuttering and FPS Issues got resolved for them soon when they fine-tuned the in-game settings. You can also do the same by trying the fixes given below:

  • Firstly, launch the Red Dead Redemption 2 and then go to Settings and then click on Graphics.
  • Here set TAA to medium and set both FXAA and MSAA as Off.
  • Further set Water Refraction Quality and Water Reflection Quality as High.

Note: Meanwhile, you can also disable the TAA sharpening and open image sharpening in the NVIDIA control panel.

  • Now set Reflection MSAA to X4.
  • Lastly, test your gameplay and check whether the said issue got resolved or not.

FIX 4: Change power plan to Ultimate performance

Changing power plan to Ultimate performance is one of the sure-shot methods that will help you in case you are also experiencing the Red Dead Redemption 2 stuttering and FPS Issues. To change the power plan, follow these steps,  

  • Firstly, launch the Run dialogue box. For that you can press Windows + R altogether.
  • Now inside the empty text box, type powercfg.cpl and press Enter.
  • On the next screen, click on the radio button for the option Ultimate Performance. Though if you don’t see this power plan, you can move with the next step.
  • Now launch the Command Prompt window, and for doing so, go to the taskbar search box, type cmd and launch the first search result. Make sure you launch it with administrative access.
  • Inside the Command Prompt window, copy + paste or type the following command, and then press Enter.
 powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61
  • At last, check the said issue is resolved in your case or not.

FIX 5: Enable hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling

Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling or HAGs is a feature that boosts in-game FPS. If you are repeatedly getting the Red Dead Redemption 2 stuttering and FPS Issues, you can try the following steps and check whether they help or not.

  • Right-click over an empty space on your desktop, and from the context menu, click over Display settings.
  • Now on the next screen, click on Graphics settings at the right pane menu and then click over the option Change default graphics settings.
  • Further, turn on the toggle button for the option Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling.
  • Lastly, restart your computer and check the said issue is resolved in your case or not. 

FIX 6: Disable all mods

Red Dead Redemption series users use several mods where they can turn themselves into various things. Now, if believed the real-time users, these mods can be responsible for your FPS issues. In such a case, we recommend you disable all the mods and check whether it helps or not.

These were the top 6 tried, tested, and proven fixes for the Red Dead Redemption 2 stuttering and FPS issues. All of them have helped a lot of suffered users, and thus we believe they will help you as well.

At the end of this article, we hope that the information mentioned above will prove relevant for you. It will help you in using the Red Dead Redemption 2 swiftly and uninterruptedly all again. If you have any queries or doubts after reading this article, please leave a comment in the below comment box.