Nowadays, several Windows users registered a complaint in the Microsoft support center about the Windows Error Reporting (werfault.exe) high CPU and Disk usage error. The werfault.exe is an essential component to the Windows Error Reporting tool, which automatically reports any apps or programs error to Microsoft and collects information about the problem and provide a solution to user resolve it.

If the werfault.exe files get corrupted or damaged, then you will receive the “WerFault.exe Application Error” on the screen. Today in this article, we have gathered some sure solutions to erase the said error from your screen, so make sure you read this article till the end to get to know all the solutions in detail. Let’s look at them,

Fixes for the Windows Error Reporting (werfault.exe) High CPU Usage

Fix 1: Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool: 

The Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool in Windows 10 is built to erase common errors and helps to improve the performance of the system. As a first resort to resolve the Windows Error Reporting (werfault.exe) High CPU Usage you can run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. To run the same tool, follow these steps,

  • Firstly, in the desktop search bar, type Windows Memory Diagnostic and open the first search result. Then inside the Windows Memory Diagnostic window, select the option as shown in the screenshot below,Windows Memory Diagnostic
  • Now your system moves to restart. Ensure you closed all the applications in your system before going to the Restart process; otherwise, it may lose unsaved data. 
  • During your system restarts, the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool starts the scanning process, and in the scanning, the tool finds any corrupted apps or programs, it will repair it automatically. 
  • Once done, check for the said error. 

Fix 2: Run SFC Scan: 

The SFC scan is a Windows 10 built-in tool that helps to detect and repair corrupted or damaged files in your system. In the case of the Windows Error Reporting (werfault.exe) High CPU Usage issue, you can also run the SFC scan to repair corrupted files. To run the SFC scan, you can follow these steps,

  • Firstly, press Windows + R simultaneously to open the RUN dialog box, then type cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to launch the Command Prompt window with administrative access. 
  • Now in the newly opened Command Prompt window, type the following command and then press Enter. 

sfc /scannowsfc/ scannow

  • Now let the scanning process complete on its own. It takes few minutes to complete.
  • Once done, restart your system and check whether the said issue gets resolved or not.

Fix 3: Disable Windows Error Reporting Service:

As per some suffered users, they managed to get rid of the Windows Error Reporting (werfault.exe) High CPU Usage issue by disabling the Windows Error Reporting Service from the Services menu. Here we recommend you can also do the same. To disable the Windows Error Reporting Service, follow these steps, 

  • Firstly, press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box, then in the text box, type “services.msc” and click on OK. 
  • Then inside the Services window, scroll down and locate the Windows Error Reporting Service option.Windows Error Reporting High CPU and Disk Usage
  • Now right-click over the Windows Error Reporting Service and select its Properties. Windows Error Reporting High CPU and Disk Usage
  • Inside the Properties window, set the Startup type to disable and set Services status as stopped. 
  • Lastly, click on the Apply button and OK
  • Once you are done, restart your system and check the said error persists or not.

Fix 4: Utilize Disk Cleanup:

Sometimes the mounted temporary junk files in your system might be responsible for the Windows Error Reporting (werfault.exe) High CPU Usage issue. In this scenario, you can use the Disk cleanup tool to erase all the temporary junk files from your system quickly. To run the Disk Cleanup, follow these steps,

  • Firstly, in the desktop search bar, type disk cleanup and open the relevant search result.
  • In the newly opened Prompt, select the drive, Windows (C;), D or E to clear junk files and press OK.
  • The scanning process may take a long time to finish (depending on your system’s specs).
  • Then under the “Files to delete” section, you can select the type of files you wish to delete. To free up space, you can delete these files such as; Windows Update Clean-up, Temporary files, Temporary Internet files, Recycle Bin, Thumbnails, Delivery Optimization files etc.
  • Now click on OK and wait to complete the Disk Cleanup process. In between the Disk Cleanup process does not disturb the system. 

Fix 5: Update or Reinstall Drivers:

If any of the drivers in your system get corrupted or damaged, then you might get the Windows Error Reporting (werfault.exe) High CPU Usage issue. Here you need to update the problematic Driver or reinstall it. To update the problematic Driver, follow the below given steps,

  • Firstly, right-click on the Windows button on your taskbar and select Device Manager from the context menu.
  • Inside the Device Manager, select and right-click over the Driver have yellow marked.update driver
  • Then from the drop-down menu, select Update drive.
  • Once the Driver is updated, check the issue is resolved or not. If the said issue persists, then you need to uninstall the problematic Driver and Restart your system.
  • While in the restart process, your Windows will automatically install missing drivers.
  • Now the said issue might no longer disturb you on your system.

Fix 6: Run a Malware scan:

If all of the above solutions do not help you resolve the Windows Error Reporting (werfault.exe) high CPU usage, you may need to run a malware scan. It would be best if you make sure that no malware or virus is causing the said error. If you accidentally click on any shadow link or download malicious files, it may damage your system and important files. So, we recommend you need to scan for malware at least once a week.

These are all about the Windows Error Reporting (werfault.exe) High CPU Usage issue and its reliable solutions. Any of the above fixes will definitely help you to resolve the said issue. If you have any queries or doubts after reading this article, please leave a comment in the below-given comment box.