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How to Group Shortcuts on the Taskbar by using the TaskbarGroups?

by HP Vipin

A Taskbar is the most used component of your computer despite whichever version of Windows you are using. It lets you launch programs, files, folders and applications quickly without navigation to the long route. You can add shortcuts to various programs on your Taskbar and even group those shortcuts as well.

TaskbarGroups comes in handy while grouping shortcuts on the Taskbar. It is a Windows 10 utility that helps in grouping multiple shortcuts for quick access, extra space and better organization. TaskbarGroups is more likely an open-source program that allows users to declutter their taskbar space by grouping numerous shortcuts. For learning the process of the same, keep reading the article further.

Step-by-Step to Group Shortcuts on the Taskbar by using the TaskbarGroups

Grouping shortcuts on the Taskbar by using the TaskbarGroups is a straightforward process. Follow the steps given below in order to imply the same:

  • First of all, download and install the TaskbarGroups utility into your system.
  • Extract the TaskbarGroups archive.
  • Now run the executable file that it contains, from the folder the contents got extracted to.
  • Now for creating a group for the Taskbar, click on the option Add taskbar group.
  • Set a group icon and name the group with an appropriate title. Further, you can add as many program shortcuts into this group.
  • The group you right now created will be pinned in the Taskbar from where you can open the overlay and for all the included programs.
  • Lastly, to launch any program, just click over its shortcut.

The desktop taskbar definitely gives speed and ease to your system usage by providing shortcuts within a quick reach. However, a lot of shortcuts can unnecessarily fill the Taskbar, which indeed, the users might not prefer.

TaskbarGroups does help in decluttering the Taskbar by managing and grouping them within the shortcuts. It supports all taskbar layouts, the sides and even the multi-monitor setups. We hope you will find the information, as mentioned above, helpful and relevant.

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