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The Settings app in Windows 11 lets you alter the name of a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network device, which previously had to be done by opening the Control Panel. However, Windows 11 allow you to provide a new name to your network adapter regardless of the kind (Wi-Fi or Ethernet), but if you want to give a different name to something, you must do so manually. Previous versions of the Operating System required you to visit the Control Panel to alter the name of your network adapter, but this capability has been integrated into the Settings application.

This article will teach you how to rename a network adapter on Windows 11 by using the Settings program in your operating system. Windows 11 allows you to change the name of your network adapter using the Settings menu.

Here we given steps to rename of the Wi-Fi or Ethernet adapter:

Step 1- On Windows 11, go to the Settings app.

Step 2- In the newly opened windows, select Network & Internet from the left-pane menu.

Step 3- On the right-hand side of the screen, select Advanced network settings options.

Step 4- Select the Wi-Fi or Ethernet adapter you wish to rename under the “Network adapters” section of the settings window. Step 5- To rename a file, click on the Rename button.

Step 6- Specify a new name there, such as Ethernet 10Gb or Wi-Fi6E Card.

Step 7- To save your work, click the Save button.

Step 8- Once you have completed the procedures, the network adapter will be renamed to reflect the new name that you chose in Windows 11.

Some Attractive Features Of Windows 11  

Windows 11 is on the road, with a fresh new appearance and a plethora of new features built to boost your productivity and aid with home and professional computing. Windows 11 will be available in the coming months.

Some noteworthy Windows 11 expecting features we are listing here,

Android Apps:

The latest development for Windows 11 is that Microsoft has revealed that Android applications will be built into the Operating System entirely through the new Microsoft Store, which customers have been waiting for several years. With Windows 11, you will be able to download Android applications directly to your computer for the first time


With the release of Windows 11, the interface will be enhanced with Widgets, which are AI-powered customizable feeds that slide out to display information like news, weather, a look at your calendar and to-do list, and your most recent photographs. Widgets are comparable to a feature called news and interests, which was just added to Windows 10 as part of a recent upgrade.

Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft’s video chat platform Teams will be integrated directly into the operating system in Windows 11, making it easier to use for regular usage on a computer. You can collaborate with people using Teams on any platform, including Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS.


By default, the Windows 11 operating system will allow you to establish several virtual desktops for different parts of your life, such as work, family, and leisure. You can then personalize each virtual desktop with different backgrounds. With this, you’ll be able to have a personal desktop as well as a business, school, gaming, or another type of computer, and you can move between them with a single click. At the end of this article, we are sure that now you are able to rename your Network Adapter in Windows 11. However, if you have any queries or doubts after reading this article, then please leave a comment in the below-given comment box. 

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