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How to use Cortana File Finder Feature on Windows 10

by HP Vipin

In this article we will show you how to use Cortana File Finder Feature on Windows 10. First launched in Windows mobile phones, the digital assistance of Microsoft known as “Cortana” is Now present in the Windows 10 version as well. Lately, a new “File Finder” feature has been added to it the let the users navigate, open, and save files without wasting much time in One Drive or File Explorer.

With the new feature, in addition, it has also brought various advantages for the users, about which we will thoroughly discuss in this article below. Also, we will take you through a quick guide that will explain well to the question, “How to use Cortana File Finder Feature on Windows 10?”.

Learn- How to use Cortana File Finder Feature on Windows 10?

In crisp and short, the new Cortana File Finder feature will allow the users to find files using voice assistance/ voice search rather than typing down the whole set of words. It provides with the time saving and less navigation advantage which undoubtedly would be proven helpful for the Cortana lovers.

The Cortana File Finder feature is available in the version 2.2011.26701.0 and above. The following versions are readily available to download from the Windows Insider channels via the Microsoft Store. After downloading or upgrading to the newer Cortana versions, users will be able to locate for files merely by using file names, author names, and file type or even simpler by a voice command stating “Hey Cortana, find my recent files”. Or even for finding a document, user can use the voice command saying “Hey Cortana, find my recent doc files” with the file name outspoken as well.

Furthermore, for searching different types of files like .txt files, .doc and .docx, ppt and .pptx ones, Cortana makes the navigation part much more comfortable and smoother.

The Enterprise Cortana users who sign in through their corporate credentials can quickly locate for saved files on One Drive and share point for business. However, the Microsoft Account users can use Cortana to find files saved within their systems.


No doubt, by now you would have deeply understood that how productive and easeful will the Cortana File Finder feature makes your day. Though, we would also like to let you know that this said feature is yet available to English-speaking users in the U.S and the experience would surely get better soon.

For more such Microsoft and Cortana related updates, wait some time, and we will bring you the most authentic and fresh knowledge here only. We hope you find the information relevant and helpful.

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