Microsoft developed Windows 11 in nearby days; along with this latest build, they are rolling out the first step of updates for many Windows app. The apps such as Mail, Calculator, and Calander now get a new face. These apps first extend to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel.
No more exaggeration is needed to explain the latest updated apps; it looks pretty cool in performance and insight. In addition, Microsoft has given rounded corners and added new features to improve the prominence of the apps. So now, let’s check the latest changes in the updated apps.
The newly updated Calculator app was designed in good look and included new features. The features include theme settings so that you can change the Calculator as per the theme of Windows 11. Moreover, this app is updated with new features that help to complete your math homework.

The Calculator has primary functionality for regular users and now has a robust scientific model for multi calculation. This app also has a programming mode for professionals and engineers. In addition to all these, this app has the ability to evaluate algebra, trigonometry and analyze equations on a graph.
Snipping Tool:
In Windows 11, you cant find Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch apps; instead of these apps, you can use the Snipping Tool. The next-generation app for screen capturing for Windows 11 and added with new theme settings. Now pressing the WIN + SHIFT + S shortcut key, you can take screenshots, and you will get options to select Windows snip, Fullscreen snip, Rectangular snip, and Freeform snip. Besides this, the Snipping tool will bring an editing tool for improved cropping and allow you to edit the screenshot as you wish.
Mail and Calander:
Hereafter you can see the new Mail and Calendar tool in an advanced alluring design to feel part of Window 11. The new Mail and Calander app is designed in rounded corners and other furnished elements to give it a beautiful appearance and friendly usability.
These are all about the new updates of the Windows Operating System and apps. This new update rollout for the Windows insiders to familiarize with the new design language of Windows 11.