Lately, Netflix, a popular streaming platform, had announced the launch of Video games and two new kids features to make the platform more child-friendly. Netflix’s this recent move surprised the users and the competitors like Walt Disney, AT%T, Warner Media, and Netflix is ​​set to expand its horizons to attract new subscribers and new users. With the new Kid’s feature announcement, Netflix is ​​also trying to get kids’ attention to this platform.

As per the Boomberg report, the Video games will launch early next year, in Netflix’s new program genre. Furthermore, Netflix announced that they do not charge any extra money to play the game. After the arrival of Mike Verdu, Netflix decided to jump into the video gaming market; he is currently the new Vice President of Game Development at Netflix. Early Netflix is familiar with interactive movies and TV shows; hereafter, they gradually expand with video games.

Currently, many lucrative tech companies that promote the sale of games in addition to video services, such as Apple Inc., already have a video game platform called Arcade exclusively for games. Netflix’s this new move poses a challenge to top video game developers and publishers. Netflix has constantly been striving to keep growing above its competitors by building new programs and new initiatives. Since 2019 Netflix shows signs of entering into the gaming market by introducing free-to-play Stranger Things mobile game.

More surprisingly, Netflix has announced two new services as well, especially for Kids, Kids Recap Email and Kids Top 10 Row features. To dispel the misconception that Netflix is a serious matured streaming platform only for adults, Netflix has introduced these two features for kids. The Kids Recap Email feature will share children’s content preferences with their parents and send suggestions on children’s favorite programs on Netflix. Meanwhile, the Kids Top 10 Row feature will show daily updated top 10 most popular tiles for kids. These titles can see on the kids’ profile homepage.

One of Netflix’s bold moves is to jump into the video gaming market. Netflix already has over 200 million users, and this new initiative will help them build their subscribers. Thought in the coming days, Netflix will attract more subscribers with the newly launching video games and two kids features.