When it comes to talking about Microsoft, we have never missed a chance to discuss updates on their products. Each time they try to contribute the latest features and technology. This time too they did not fail to bring a new update. Of course, I’m talking about Microsoft’s new Windows 365 service. Microsoft yesterday unveiled the innovative Windows 365 with new features and offers. Similarly, the pricing option was partially announced by the motivation section yesterday. We can expect this to be $ 31 per user / month. Cloud PCs will launch in the first week of August.

While talking about the monthly subscription charge, Microsoft offers two CPUs with 4GB of RAM and has 128GB of storage configuration. This offer is part of the Windows 365business option. At the same time, Microsoft upholds many more suggestions when it comes to configuration and price points. The new Windows 365 service is an excellent opportunity for businesses and the current $31 per user/per month pricing is only for just one SKU.

Microsoft also offers single CPUs with 2GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. Until Microsoft doesn’t clear the Enterprise versions, and Business versions pricing are exact and have no discount for big organizations. As well as we couldn’t compare the pricing charge with Microsoft Cloud competitors like Citrix and Amazon WorkSpaces. Whereas depending upon the users and duration of the contract, Citrix offers virtual desktop access for around $30 a month. Amazon WorkSpaces, meanwhile, provides two CPUs with 4GB of memory and 50GB of storage for just $35 a month.

The latest Windows 365 service will be available not only on Windows OS but also on iOS, MacOS and Android devices. Additionally, it supports Windows 365 multimonitor support, screen-capture protection, and Teams AV redirection. Start menu hints and other features are only available on Windows PCs.

Anyway, according to a Microsoft report the new Windows 365 incoming is expected to launch in the first week of August. So, in the coming days, we will know the pricing option in detail.

Note: Beyond the pricing, follow this link to get the Windows 365 configuration in detail.